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Why Facebook Ads Are Now Even Easier to Create

Simplified Accounts Are the Winners

If you’ve been following what’s going on with Facebook lately, you likely already know this but the platform is trending towards simplified ad accounts.

Back in the days of yore, we used to have fifty different campaigns all with a number of ad sets and creatives. With that comes the many Facebook Ads that stop working all of a sudden for various reasons that were originally caused by the user. Thanks to advances in machine learning and AI though, the algorithms that power Facebook advertising have evolved to the point where this is no longer necessary. This means that you can get away with but a mere handful of campaigns.

Facebook Ads Are Being Simplified

As we're learning from iOS 14 Facebook Advertising: What's Changing - Luckily for all the busy marketers out there, the new direction that Facebook ads are heading makes it far easier to keep tabs on things.

Rather than needing to manually tweak an overwhelming amount of variables across multiple campaigns, to move to a more consolidated ad account makes managing ads a breeze. What’s more, by giving the all-seeing Zuckerbot more room to do its thing with broad audiences, automatic placements and other such features, advertisers can now pick up more conversions with less headaches.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, know that the algorithm is going to be doing a lot of the heavy lifting from here on out. By adopting and implementing what Facebook is calling the “Power Five” in your campaigns, you’ll be able to see even better returns that you might have with the old strategies. While this is a much welcomed change for those overseeing a lot of campaigns, it does take a lot of technical difficulties out of Facebook ads.

The New Battleground of Facebook Ads

Everyone wants to know, How to Build the Best Fb Ads Using Dynamic Creative, well like Some marketers out there, especially those who have acted as gatekeepers in agencies, are understandably upset at Facebook democratizing the usage of their ad platform. After all, these companies make their money by deploying their expertise and knowledge of how the systems that power Facebook ads work. If anyone can just throw on CBO and get great results with super broad targeting, why would anyone even hire an agency anymore?

While we do get these other agencies resentment towards the dumbing down of Facebook ads for the common man, we’re not worried about losing any business. You see, while things are indeed getting easier, they are simultaneously also getting way harder. Why is this? Well, if anyone can easily publish ads on the Facebook-owned suite, the creative variables become the only battleground where marketers can differentiate themselves.

In the future, there may come a day where Facebook can just automatically create every aspect of an ad for you. Alas, that day is not today. Given that the Power Five and other similar simplifications are now the norm for Facebook ads, advertisers will no longer be able to rest on the laurels of their technician laurels. To compete, we are all going to need to collectively step up our creative game and produce things that consumers actually want to interact with.

In closing, while Facebook ads may be getting easier, they are also getting way harder too. Good luck marketers...

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