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Why Doesn't Anyone Talk About Twitter Ads

A Real Conversation About the Blue Bird

If you’ve looked over our top digital marketing agency blogs and made the same observation that one of our clients recently did, you’re likely wondering why we never talk about Twitter much.

After all, Japan is the only first-world nation to have a larger active user base on the platform than on either Facebook or Instagram. Shouldn’t a digital marketing agency that hails itself as one of the best out there talk more about Twitter? Well… Let’s just say it’s complicated :)

Twitter Ads Are Not Zuckerbot Quality

To begin with, understand that when you compare Twitter’s ad platform to that of the Zuckerberg-owned suite, you’ll find that it cannot compare. In fact, while there are now many options for advertising online, nothing really compares to the power of Facebook ads and the #Zuckerbot. Because of this, you’d only end up spending your budget inefficiently if you were to invest in Twitter when you had yet to tap out audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

So why should you ever consider Twitter Ads?

Alas, this is Japan we are talking about. In a stark contrast to the situation overseas, the combined active user population of both Facebook and Instagram is likely no more than 30 million when accounting for the fact that lots of people use both. Because of this, it’s actually pretty easy to max out Facebook and Instagram as platforms when running at higher monthly ad spends.

Case in point, we’ve seen a top of funnel frequency score of close to 2.0 (meaning the average person saw it twice) over a weeklong campaign with an ad spend of 1.5 million.

What’s a marketer to do in these instances? Well, simply put, you need to look to diversify your online media mix. Assuming that you’re also going hard on Google paid search (and since this is Japan, maybe even Yahoo! too), this is when it’s time to begin considering secondary solutions like Twitter. Though it cannot compete with the likes of Facebook yen for yen, you’re left with little recourse in Japan should you want to scale further with your advertising.

How You Should Start Twitter Ads

Now, we would never suggest that you just jump into Twitter ads head first. Instead, it would be wise to do a small test while also giving other platforms like LINE or TikTok a try too. Unless you’ve already established an organic brand for yourself on Twitter, chances are that you haven’t really grasped the nuances of the channel and this is even more true when you consider the market-specific way that Japanese users utilize the platform.

One thing we will stress is that you definitely want to get the Twitter pixel installed on your site well before you ever feel the need to get going with paid promotions on the platform. This way, you’ll already be stockpiling a bunch of data from what you’re doing on the more efficient ad offerings from Facebook and Google. As such, you can launch a full funnel from the get go without needing to populate your pixel.

We're Here To Help

If you’d like to learn more about Twitter ads or digital marketing in Japan, consider signing up to our newsletter. Alternatively, we also offer free 30 minute consultations where we can help you understand just how much revenue you’re potentially leaving on the table by not having a ROI-focused media strategy.

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